World Cup Stops in Sudan

It seems a long time ago now since the World Cup finals were held in South Africa yet of course it wasn’t that long ago. Since then some of the football mad nations of Africa have looked on with envy at some of the success enjoyed by nations who don’t even like football that much. There aren’t many African nations were football isn’t played widely and millions watch the football on TV. Indeed it’s quite bizarre to stumble across a cafe in Dar-Es-Salaam and see dozens of Africans enjoying Premiership football on Match of Day love online streamed through a VPN like this one to the big screen.

Many of course, still have complaints about how the World Cup was run in South Africa. Much of the infrastructure is still here and has improved the lives of many South Africans. Yet millions were spent on lots of stadiums which have little purpose in their current surroundings. Like most of Africa, there are other requirements which are more urgent than a 40,000 seater football stadium.

The FIFA World Cup Trophy made a stop at Sudan, one of the Numerous on the 54 Nation tour of the World Cup ahead of the 2018 event in Russia. This was the very first time the prize Has been to Sudan – a football fanatic nation which hasn’t come close to qualifying for the World Cup final. Fans had the opportunity to present with the trophy at the ceremony, where there was music and various games and activities on the theme of soccer. This is enormous! I hope that one day this trophy will be in the hands of the captain of Sudan’s national football team.

This is enormous! I hope the decoration will be in the hands of the captain of Sudan’s national group. I hope we can organise the World Cup and win the cup here in Khartoum, excited Samah Al Sadiq, a soccer fan. The tour of the World Cup trophy is also an opportunity for Russia, the host nation, to sell itself before the final. Moscow has relaxed its visa rules for foreign soccer fans and has spent billions of dollars in stadia, resorts along with Other infrastructure, since the Kremlin seeks to improve Russia’s image. The prize left Sudan on Friday for Ethiopia, then headed for Kenya. It’ll pass through Mozambique, South Africa, Uganda, Nigeria, Senegal, Ivory Coast and after that Egypt, before it renders Africa for Europe.

John Hampton

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