Womens right in africa

Nyt Tag in Africa

It may be hard for many of us in the western countries to understand, but in some countries like the Middle east and most of Africa women don’t have the same rights as we do.
If we look at the gender difference in Africa we see that women mostly stay at home, feed the children, work the fields near the their home, bring water and those kinds of tasks, all the real work are left to the men. The womans job is to keep everything in order at the home and give birth to children which in return can take care of the parents when they get to old to take care of themselves. Organisations such as Nyt Tag have been working for a long time, trying to improve the conditions the women live under in those countries but it’s to big a problem to really have much effect. Like many other organisations Nyt Tag have tried to build schools in order to educate the females better, but most of older teengers and adult women simply don’t have the time for school. Birth protection is another thing that isn’t really something African females think about which results in the females being pregant a large part of their adult lives. But what can they do in order to prevent such things from happening and improve the live of the women in those countries? According to Philip from Nyt Tag we need to educate the children better and change the patterns for the new generation, it’s to late to do any changes worth mention with the current generation as it’s such a huge country and traditions are very strong. We need better schools where boys and girls learn to play as equals and the boys need to learn that the girls can actually do more than just take care of a home. The problem here, like mentioned earlier is finding the time for the girl to attend school. In many of the larger cities it’s possible but in the smaller villages they simply can’t afford to let a girl use 4-6 hours a day in school rather than earning money for her family. Philip says that even with the huge amount of work organizations like Nyt Tag and others do, it will still take 30-50 years before we can even begin to notice a change in the gender difference in most of the African countries. In south africa we have started to see some of those changes but in most other countries there are still a lot of work left before they can begin to even see the benefits of letter the females have a real job. You can see much about what organizations like Nyt Tag and many of the other larger human rights organizations do here at nyt tag a company selling tagpap and ståltag to Africa.

In order to really make a change we will first need to solve some of the many poverty problems those countries got. Make them less depended on having a lot of children and setup some jobs which will financially support the families when they get old too. It’s a big job but hopefully possible some day.

Source: Nyt Tag