Wine Industry Development

It’s interesting sometimes that our greatest regrets can lead to some incredible opportunities.  No matter if we’re talking about our own personal lives, or about issues within developing economies, I think that rings true to a large scale.

As far as Africa goes, Apartheid was one of the most horoundous acts which happened to the continent since the end of slavery.  One of the vestiges of Dutch settlement though is a significant and advanced wine industry within South Africa that exists no where else on the planet.  That came to mind because I saw a couple of 90 point wine clubs spring up from the region, which speaks to the type of high quality wine being produced.  Certainly the European roots and relationship have helped the wine industry both grow and prosper within South Africa.

The real question is, can other countries in the Aftrican Union use South Africa’s wine industry as an example of sorts to grow their own domestic wine production capabilities?

I think the quality of produce already being produced in Africa speaks for itself, so there shouldn’t be a question on land quality or even basic farming practices.  I think the real question is if many other countries have the combination of climate and resources to create a real wine industry.  Nigeria certainly has enough resources, but their climate may be too warm to grow world class grapes.  Other countries in West Africa don’t have stable enough governments to warrant $30M investments for only a few hundred acres of land.  Personally, I think we’ll see an increase in wine production in Kenya specifically.  Being a Christian country they’ll have less local resistance to making alcohol and they have enough available land, especially at altitude which could craft amazing wines to make the attempt worthwhile.