The South African Heritage

A coat of arms is the State’s highest symbol. The coat of arms is a portion of the Great Seal thought of as the State’s emblem. One that has served South Africa since 17 Sept 1910 is now replaced by A brand-new coat of arms. The shift reflects Government’s goal to underline the change. The Coat of Arms is a succession of components arranged in oval shapes. Completing the circle are two symmetrically put pairs of elephant tusks pointing upward. Within the oval shape are two ears of wheat that consequently frame a shield that is placed. The form of the shield comprises two figures, and makes reference to a drum.

Over the shield are placed a knobkierie and a spear. Those components are arranged to provide focus and complete Foundation’s oval form. Above the shape that is lower, is the Coat of Arms, a Protea’s centre. The Protea’s petals are rendered in some triangular pattern reminiscent of Africa’s crafts.

The secretary bird is placed over this Protea and this flower forms this chest of this bird. This secretary bird stands with its wings up in a regal stance. This distinctive head feathers of this secretary bird crown some strong and vigilant head. The rising sun over the horizon is put between this wings of this secretary bird and completes this oval form of ascendance.  Last time I saw this bird was actually on a documentary covered by the BBC, at least before they managed to block my VPN service!


An emblem of fertility, it also signifies this idea of germination, growth and this possible development of any possible. Elephants symbolize wisdom, strength, moderation and eternity. The figures are derived from pictures on this Linton stone, some world famous example of South African Rock Art, now hosted and displayed in this South African Museum in Cape Town. This Khoisan, this oldest known inhabitants of South Africa, and most likely of the ground, testify to a common mankind and heritage. The characters are depicted in an attitude of greeting, representing unity. Dual symbols of defence and authority, they in turn represent this strong legs of the secretary bird. The Protea is a symbol of this beauty of South Africa and its flowering. The Protea signifies the holistic integration of forces which grow from the earth and are nourished from above.

South Africa has obviously had it’s problems over the years, but now is a great time to visit.  There’s relative stability in the political sense and although the economy is improving it’s still quite cheap for western visitors due to the weakness of it’s currency.

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