The Kingdom of Lesotho

It’s only a tiny little place but for many it’s one of the most fascinating places in Africa.  The Kingdom of Lesotho is actually made up of mostly mountains in fact most of the villages in this kingdom are not even connected by roads. Many places you’ll only reach by foot, horseback or perhaps light aircraft.

It’s also one of the fairly few places in Africa you’ll find any snow.

However development is on it’s way to Lesotho too, developers have started to put down some basic road infrastructure.  The reason is to access sine if the country’s mineral and water resources.  There is a large project called the Lesotho Highlands Water project which aims to supply it’s neighbour South Africa with fresh water.  

Lesotho has relatively few resources, it’s quite a tough and harsh environment.  The country has always been dependent on it’s neighbour South Africa.  Many citizens move to work in the mines of South Africa because of the limited opportunities in Lesotho.  The United Nations describe over 40% of the population as ’ultra poor’.  The country has also has one of the highest HIV-Aids infection rates although this has begun to fall due to various health initiatives.

It’s a fascinating place and there’s not much information available about it.  There is quite a bit on the BBC web site and also some great clips on BBC Iplayer about the Lesotho Olympic team who trained in Wales.  If you can’s access the BBC site there’s some useful information on this site  – how to watch BBC Iplayer in the USA, it’s a demonstration of how you can modify your IP address using proxies to access any site you wish.