The Government deficit problem of African countries

The amount of aid that has been given to African countries so that they uplift themselves from poverty has not done much as they seem to be regressing. Most of these countries in Africa are always experiencing a shortfall in their overall budget which results in the borrowing of money to cover the deficit. There are many reasons why Africa seems not be progressing as expected and this is attributed to factors that do not seem to have solutions even after many of the countries have had independence for decades.

Some of the factors that contribute to government deficit in African countries are wars which are prevalent between countries or within a country’s own borders. These wars result in economic problems for the citizens as they are unable to be involved in any economic activity that will sustain their economy and eventually improve the lives of the people. Civil wars that have been going on for years have greatly reduced the progress of many countries in Africa as they result in the breakdown of infrastructure that would be used by the citizens in the country so that they can grow economically. Most of these countries then resort to borrowing money from international aid agencies and other countries to be able to cover the deficit.
With the poor credit loans offered to African countries to be able to meet their financial needs, there are conditions attached as a way to make sure that the money is used wisely and can be eventually repaid. These conditions are most often ignored due to poor leadership as well as corrupt leaders who use it for their own good. There is need to find better solutions to the government deficit by African countries so that there is real economic growth is seen from them.