Poor Wine Regions?

So I am a member of an international wine of the month club and have found some interesting wines from unexpected places.  South Africa, most of us know at this point in the wine industry, produces some nice wine including Pinotage, which is both rather unique as well as being native to the region. Given […]

Gender Issues in Africa

There is a big movement in African countries for greater gender quality.  That makes sense on a number of levels of course, every industralized country in the world offers some sort of significant gender protection for women in the work force.  After talking to the owners of the best wine club in South Africa, it […]

Cooperation Among Wine Regions

Africa is an interesting place in the current place in terms of development, certain countries and even regions dominate markets while other regions haven’t even approached the idea of joining those markets.  In many ways, the African economy is among the least developed in the world because of that fact, but African countries are dramatically […]

Unique Wine Gifts & Development

When we think of development we usually think of hospitals, schools and generally helping Africans to get ahead.  That’s a good thing, please don’t take it the wrong way. I do think though, taking a wider view can sometimes be helpful.  The wine industry in South Africa helps to employ thousands of people, from those […]