Promising Economy News

AICC Africa, an organization devoted to the development and forward movement of the African economy and business culture, recently reported on some key developments in Africa’s economic scene.This growth looks encouraging, particularly in the Angola and Equatorial Guinea regions. Further, despite ongoing concern for the Ethiopian economy, they have been showing strong figures based on this latest report.

…The African Economic Growth report for 2010 revealed impressive growth in Angola (12.9%), Equatorial Guinea (12.9%), Chad (8.5%), Nigeria (9.1), Sierra Leone (8.7%) and Ethiopia (8.6%), and a national average of 4% overall.These positive changes open up new possibilities for Africans in terms of overseas trade and employment prospects… opportunities for businesspeople and qualified individuals can still be found in several key growth areas, particularly in the natural resources (gas and oil), agriculture, healthcare and telecommunications¬† sectors.- AICC Africa (

The opportunities brought out in this report should give both African and international businesspeople a keen sense of the strong growth yet to be made in this country. Natural resources in particular generally mean great wealth for other nations- it is ludicrous that this resource should go untapped due to mismanagement and economic apathy. We urge that further development and investment be made an immediate priority.