The Benefits of Microinsurance for Africans

It is ironic that insurance is usually completely inaccessible to those who need it most.  For many Africans, the idea of being able to take out insurance is simply something they could only dreamt about – but slowly it’s becoming a reality.  It’s a simple fact that poorer people need insurance much more than the wealthy.  If only because the rich have other options, credit, savings or other assets to protect them if something goes wrong.

Many of the poor in Africa are stuck in a cycle of poverty struggling to survive until someting goes wrong.  A failure in the crops, a drought or perhaps an accident or illness to the main breadwinner.  The sickness is the real poverty trap as a reduction in income is usually combined with expensive hospital fees.

However now insurance markets are opening up to the poorer sections of Africa.  Previously few companies were prepared to enter a market which promised only a huge volume of very small value policies.  However the model established for microcredit using mobile phones is ultimately perfect for microinsurance too.  Now 33 of the top 50 insurers in the world offer some sort of microinsurance policy.

The insurance doesn’t just offer a safety net for the vulnerable it actually helps stimulate the economy too.  People who have insurance are more likely to take investment risks and provide more opportunities.  Also having insurance is a gateway to othe possibilities like loans, mortgages and development finance.

The insurance market itself is also developing into a valuable source of employment and opportunity as well.  A huge network of self employed agents are able to sell small insurance policies throughout many of  the African countries.  The internet is also a viable way to sell to fellow Africans due to the improving infrastructure.  Many Africans are finding the internet is a great source of income, entrepreneurial advice/inspiration and some even use it to watch BBC Iplayer from outside the UK – check this link.



Making A Difference

I have been an environmental campaigner for some time and have tried to get from A to B in the most environmentally sound way that I can, when I am out I try to promote peace and have been on several peace envoys around the world as well. I cycle around the city and try to get public transport when I can but if it is some where off the beaten track I use my motorcycle because I don’t see the point wasting fuel to carry me, a huge hunk of metal and loads of empty seats about.

I just got some new tcx boots the other day and have been out to a few rivers to take samples for a report I am putting together about the water quality and possible contamination in certain areas. Because these plaves are a bit out inthe middle of nowhere the best way for me to get somewhere is to jump on the bike and go for it. Being able to ride out to some of these amazing places is an absolute honour and a spectacular experience.

I am hoping some of my work will make a difference one day but if I can let just one person know that they can make a difference I will be happy.

Greenhouses in South Africa by the Richel Company


Gardening is such a global hobby because it’s just so necessary. Why wouldn’t you want a beautiful healthy garden in your backyard or front yard? Not only is it a sight to look at, it’s also very beneficial for the environment. A garden is a symbol of nurturing, care, and life as we know it. To plant and grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers is simply amazing. There are gardeners all across the globe that absolutely enjoy their jobs because it’s hard not to be passionate about it.


One of the best ways to go about gardening is to utilize a greenhouse so that you can have full, year-round control of the atmosphere of a particular area. This means that you can grow any plant that you wish any time you want. There are greenhouses being put to good use all around the world, one place being South Africa.


A company called Richel is the number one manufacturer of greenhouses and tunnels in Europe, as this company exports to more than 80 countries worldwide. The manufacturing capacity of Richel is about 50,000 greenhouses and tunnels in just one week.


The Richel Company has been exporting greenhouse gardens to African for over 20 years, with over 600 hectares of greenhouses in various countries, including South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, and Botswana. Greenhouses are popular in these areas because food produce must be abundant. The climate of Africa is rather hot, and the control that a greenhouse garden has allows for a more diverse amount of plants to be grown, meaning that more variety of foods can be eaten.


Greener Solutions is the solitary supplier of Richel Greenhouses and Tunnels in South Africa, and those two companies have been collaborating since 2009, and have developed a great business for themselves. South Africans that are operating theses greenhouse gardens are also benefiting from their collaboration because of the fantastic greenhouses and tunnels that they make.


Starting in 2012, the Greener Solutions Company has carried essential spares for Richel greenhouse gardens and tunnel models within the South African region. This means that there’s an improved service from the already quality service greenhouse gardens were getting in South Africa, as the orders of spares are being delivered more efficiently than before.


In South Africa, Richel greenhouses are very well known for being the best quality of greenhouses available. Once a gardener, farmer or grower has purchased a greenhouse form Richel, there are really no complaints and not looking to other sources for a better product. They’re that good with the construction of greenhouses.


Herbal Medicine is Part of African Culture


In the past, people used to rely on plants as their main source of medicine. Over the years, herbalists have managed to find better ways of using herbal medicine to cure diseases. Herbal medicine is still very much in use in Africa. In fact, many people consider this practice as part of African culture. However, with the current technological advancement, herbalists have devised more effective ways of extracting medicine from plants. This has in turn given rise to the use of modern western medication which has led to a decline in the use of herbal medicine. Among the most popular herbal medicines in Africa and other parts of the world is Cordyceps.

This is a special type of mushroom that contains various medicinal properties. Cordyceps Sinensis is very common in Asia especially in China. Although modern western drugs are very common in Africa today, still many people believe that herbal medicines are the most effective. In fact, research has shown that some of the western drugs contain chemicals that cause serious side effects. This has in turn made a lot of people, not only in Africa but around the world, to return to natural and customary methods of treatment.

People are now taking back the responsibility of enhancing their own health and well-being. Therefore they are actively seeking healthier and stress free lifestyles. The quest for better lifestyles has forced people to consider the curative powers of herbal medicine. This is evidenced by the increasing number of natural healing products in the west. Today, it is very common to find medicine stores in the West stocked with herbal medicine. This means that more people are regaining health and the environment is a bit safe. What is more, therapeutic effect of most herbal medicines has been scientifically authenticated. This implies that people can use these medicines without fear of developing serious side effects.

Actually, there shouldn’t be any competition between modern physicians and herbalists. Both of them have a lot to learn. The good thing is that Africa is still one of the few regions that are rich in herbal medicine. For instance in South Africa there are numerous species of plants considered to be highly effective in treating different ailments. It is also important to note that indigenous African herbal medicine is quite multi-faceted, frequently including the best mores in its data base. In fact, many western medicine companies rely on Africa for raw products.         

Can’t Get A Job? Volunteer In Africa!

2013 is well under way and summer will be here before you know it. With it will come a whole new batch of high school seniors looking for jobs or some productive alternative. This year, 18 year olds looking for work might consider going to Africa for an internship or volunteer programs.

To get started finding such programs, all you have to do is Google things like “internships in Africa”, “volunteer programs in Africa“, or any other number of variations of phrases like that. There will be a lot of web pages to sift through to find something that suits you but you should be able to eventually narrow your options.

Years 18 to 22 are the best ages to be adventurous and travel overseas. Most young adults that age have little debt, no families, and few possessions. This makes it easy for them to pick up and go explore the world. Also most people in that age group are usually not focused on making a lot of money and will gladly opt for life experiences like travelling to Africa.

Connecting with overseas volunteer programs is a good way to get your expenses paid and allow you to see other countries and cultures. Teaching English can also bring in extra money and there are many countries where you can go to have that job.

Africa needs all the help it can get as its people are poor and in many cases starving. Living in America blinds us to the plight of many of the world’s poorer populations and a few years volunteering in Africa will be a life changing eye opener for many Americans.

High Cost of Democaracy: Americans Have Huge Tax Gains in 2013

Africans should take note of the cost of democracy — Americans should make use of a paycheck calculator to ensure they’re paying their correct tax amount sin 2013.

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Taxes are typically the last thing that people think about when they begin working at a place of employment. Instead, they assume that it would be possible to get paid a much large portion of the money that they are earning on an hourly basis. As a result, these people will not work as hard as they otherwise would. Many of these people would work only a portion of the hours they may need in order to pay bills because of the expectation that they have more money coming in than is actually happening.

The best way to avoid the problems that come about when living your life this way would be to use a paycheck calculator in order to determine how much you are going to get paid once a check is issued. When this amount is accurate, you would have a much easier time deciding just how much you are comfortable working. Also, this would allow you to put your extra time to much better use when you are able to have an understanding of your financial needs.

There are quite a few online, neat little programs which can work out how much tax and insurance you’re likely to pay.  Obviously these will vary greatly depending on your location as they are almost all specific to the country you’re based in.  Also many of them are restricted based on your location although if you switch your address by using an IP Cloaker you should be able to use any of them with a hidden IP address.

Working is something that most people do not want to do. However, they are forced to work longer hours than they would like to because they do not have the tools that could make their lives a lot easier. A  paycheck calculator is a simple example of something that could change the way that you work on a daily basis. Instead of working many more hours than you need to, you would be able to determine what your take home amount should be. This information can help you to better control your life going forward.