IBM Investing in African Technology Workers

We have often posted in these pages that technology is one of the biggest hopes for the development of the African continent.  There are challenges in this area –  the lack of decent infrastructure, the pace of urbanisation growth and other factors still hinder technology sectors.

But there are many positive points and IBM have just added to that list, They are embarking on a series of knowledge based initiatives which are designed to enable the current and future workforce to help develop the required IT skills needed to a technology driven economic growth.  It’s encouraging to see firms in Africa looking forward and speaking of modern technologies like the cloud, analytic and virtual computing.  So often news in Africa is just about fixing problems or playing catch up with the rest of the world.

In many ways it makes perfect sense to try and focus educational development on new technology in Africa.  The market is there and with the rapid rise of mobile phone technology and infrastructure across the continent – in many ways Africa has advantages over the technology saturated developed countries.

It is expected that IBM will be working with a variety of partners in Africa from technology companies, small businesses and educational establishments.  The goal to simply build and expand the IT capabilities of the African workforce.

Other major companies are looking at similar schemes, and there is a growing knowledge base  particularly among the young people of Africa,  It is not uncommon to see people in African cities and towns using the internet for buying, selling and even running international businesses.   In internet cafes you’ll see people running fledgling e-commerce operations.  In a small cyber cafe in Harare I saw several people watching the news on the BBC on their computers, something that I though was impossible due to firewalls and country restrictions.  I was pointed in the direction of this video which one student had used to get access when studying in France – entitled – BBC Iplayer France

The conclusion is simple, technology is here to stay across Africa and unlike many economic sectors over the years – we are not at quite a disadvantage compared to the rest of the world. Sure there’s little sign of the high penetration of superfast broadband or rolling out 4G networks everywhere. But there is evidence of technology in most centres of population and in may cases quite a good IT infrastructure.

Another Go at Democracy

It sounds a stupid question, but will it take another revolution to bring democracy to Egypt? THe Egyptian revolution was one of the most dramatic of the Arab spring, and although there was some violence it did not degenerate into the civil wars of Libya and Syria.  The problem is that many of those protesters are feeling a little short changed. Instead of the democratic, libertarian leading their country out of economic disaster and the rule of a dictator they have Mohammad Mursi.


The problem, and as far as Egypt’s future goes it’s a big problem is that this president was elected.  Not only that he was elected in one of the first fair elections in the country’s history.  So what do you do, if your choice seems to have let you down?  There is an argument, and a pretty good one too that you should make changes at the ballot box.  If everyone started a revolution when they were fed up of their leaders, their would be only one result – world wide anarchy.

Mursi was elected fair and square, sure he might be doing rather badly, might have broken a few promises and neglected the odd pledge – but he certainly isn’t the first politician to do that!  However the Egyptian fledgling democracy is not quite what the protesters expected.  Democratic leaders don’t dissolve parliaments, they don’t force through constitutions which ignore huge sectors of Egyptian society – mainly the secular.

However democratic leaders also don’t arrest the opposition and throw them in jail.  They certainly don’t convict over 30 democratic volunteers and sentence them to several years in jail for the crime of conducting voter education efforts. A democracy is not a place where anyone who wants to communicate online spends their lives looking over  their shoulders and trying to find the best VPN software to keep them safe. It’s probably the same as the UK Government rounding up people selling Socialist Worker and throwing them in jail.

The Egyptian revolution has gone badly wrong, the protesters trusted that an Islamic party – The Muslim Brotherhood would look after all the people in Egypt not just muslims.  This doesn’t seem to be the case, the fear, the corruption that the country suffered under Mubarak is still here, just a different flavour. My blogger friends in Cairo still fear the police and use proxies like this German one – in order to speak their mind.

Africa Needs African Investment

When Africa’s richest man speaks about the development issues in Africa, it’s probably worth listening to.  Aliko Dangote the President of the Dangote Group has issued a rallying call for entrepreneurs and businessmen in Africa to invest in their own continent in order to spur both growth and development in Africa.

He strongly believes that Africans themselves have the key to their own prosperity.  He himself invests in more than 13 countries in Africa and has strong beliefs on how Western countries can aid the continent too. He advocates investment over aid, which will bring much more sustainable benefits and real growth.


The whole process will benefit everyone involved he says, investors will make more money and Africans will benefit.  He maintains that although investing in Africa can be challenging the return on investment can be better than anywhere.  He also states that although there are risks there are few areas where this is a serious impediment.

Africa obviously has it’s challenges but where there is political stability it is an exciting place to do business.  I recently went on a trip to Zambia to help source products like silver for an online jewelry shop – here it is in case you’re interested  There is a huge appetite to do business with the rest of the world and slowly infrastructure and political obstacles to entrepreneurs are being eliminated or at least removed.

When you hear that Aliko Dangote’s company is now investing in a $400 million in a new cement plant in Zambia you can’t help feel the time is right to invest in Africa.  There are always political worries of course, but when an African invests that sort of money it’s as good a sign as any that things are improving.  The infrastructure is there with internet and telecoms improving rapidly all the time, my hotel manager in Harare last time set up a UK TV VPN for me to watch the BBC news !

Trade Development Talks with Europe

This is the month that has seen the start in some potentially historic meetings taking place in Morocco.  The topic under discussion is a free trade deal and the participants include representatives from the EU and the North African Nations.

THe discussions have come with a growing realisation by both sides that economic development is essential to maintain stabillity in the region.  One of the major factors behind the Arab uprisings was economic problems.  The first step to this is a hopefully ground breaking agreement for free trade between the EU member nations and Morocco.  This is the first step in the EU strategy.


King Mohammed VI in Morocco was one of the few Arab leaders who dealt successfully with the Arab spring.  He managed to defuse the growing protests in Morocco by announcing both constitutional change and holding an election that voted in an Islamic led government.

Morocco is one of the biggest beneficiaries of European aid, receiving over 500 million Euros between 2011 and 2013.  the establishment of a free trade agreement recognises the large amount of trade that already exists between the two areas.  The European Council hopes that this agreement will lead to similar ones with Jordan, Egypt and Tunisia.

Trade between the Euro nations and Morocco is expected to continue to grow approximately 5% each year.  THe African nation mainly exports clothing, machinery and a variety of agricultural products to the Union.

It is also hoped that it will help Morocco become a more moderate and open society.  It is considered one of the most liberal Islamic nations in Africa but there still is a very restrictive society for those who are non-muslims.  Many people still leave the country because of the tight restrictions and fear of reprisals if they do not comform to the strict Islamic ideals.  There is still many filters and blocks through internet access and many people utilise VPNs and security servers to speak freely.  Many bloggers for example rely on servers like German proxies like these – Mainly because it is a country which protects anonymity online and has extremely strong privacy laws which it actively enforces.

Joe Simpson


Democracy – An Ideal Form of Government

Who wants to have a form of democratic government? Of course, there are people who would agree that this form of government is an ideal one. Dame ure declared that democracy is the most ideal form of government which all the eligible citizens would equally participate. Do you find it interesting? People would admire if a particular state would develop because of good leadership. But you cannot experience it if you don’t have good and responsible leaders. No people would want to have a government that would rule the state without doing something. The leaders are the people who are in the position to do such responsibilities that are given to them for the improvement of the nation. But it is sad to hear that we heard lots of democratic nations today are led by wrong people who are in the position or as the representatives from Dame Ure or Herre ure. They are not working properly and they don’t seriously take their jobs. However, even we hear this bad news, there are still nation that is in democracy government and led by responsible people. It is so much impressing that they are doing their job well and you can prove that they are doing the right thing because you can see some improvements into the region where they are assigned.

Dame ure would explain that democracy is a kind of government in which people are treated equal and they can freely participate and contribute to the people. It is nice that people can freely engage any activity that is for the nation’s welfare. This form of government will directly led by elected representatives from Dame ure or Herre ure. These elected representatives will do the plans for the better of the government and for the common good of the people. The elected representatives will do some development, proposals and creation of laws. It encompasses economic, social and cultural conditions that enable the equal and free practice of political self-determination. The improvement of the state is truly impressing. No people would not want to hear their voices in the nations and permitted to perform their plans. The citizens have their own thinking, ideas, plans and objectives to have a well-governed state. So, it is good that democracy is active form of government. Democracy is actually the rule of the majority. The supreme power of the people is vested. It is indirectly or directly exercised through a system of representation. Elections usually help so that the people can choose their leaders wherein they put their trust onto them.

Having responsible leaders is a very important thing even in our modern time. In time you choose the right and responsible leaders, you would not neglect on choosing them. You would taste and feel the right leadership. You will feel that you made the right choice. The right to vote is actually one of the most interesting events in a democratic nation. Political authority is practiced in a democratic country. Democratic government is a political unit in which they perform they jobs for the people and for the nation’s development. Dame ure can contribute good and responsible leadership.

Source: Dame Ure

Human Development And Technology Today

The advancement of technology today becomes trending. Yes, this is the true meaning of how we are now becomes advance. The development must be in superior but not needed to be civilized. We have to prepare our society upon reaching this level of advancement. It is actually not new to us when we hear about these technologies. If we are going to check businesses, offices and any commercial, technology plays a big role. Yet, there are still that remains being traditional on their ways but almost all are now using these technologies. There are people saying that technology is not good to us, some also say that technology is excellent. Of course, they have their own perceptions and the way how they look as to what is the effect of embracing technology in man’s life. But, when we try to analyze it well, it is true that technology might be a threat to man’s life but it actually depends on how we use it. Priser tagpap and ståltag from nyt tag will help to make us understand how we handle this issue. However, let us not remain this as an issue but instead consider it as a helpful level of development to acquire for the better of man’s lives.

Embracing computer era would surely make the lives of every people be at ease. From the world of internet, tagpap, ståltag and such, we fund it here how we can buy things without the need to go out and spend for the fare or for fuel just to go out. We can simply order online on the things that we want to buy. Did you find this perfect and help on human development? Of course, it is. Priser Tegltag og Ståltag can prove this right. Try to look around you when you are at home, are you having difficulties with your telephone because it doesn’t help you? Of course no because you need not to go to ask your friends about your plan or something that you are going to ask, you can simply dial their telephone numbers and you can now talk to you friend with no limits of time. Recently, this becomes more and more advanced with the invention of more updated, latest and modern way of communication and those are internet and your mobile phones.

Telephone is good and a part of technology but in today’s generation, this becomes more advance with the uniqueness of mobile phones. No matter how far the distance it might be, through the advancement of technology, it is possible for you to talk to a person around the world. Priser Tegltag og Ståltag can be your best guide when it comes on technology and how it affects human development. Yes, human development is a part of the advancement of technology. When there are newly introduced technologies, it actually affects the lives of every people and this is the reason why human development would be involved when talking about technology. Human development would surely be happen as the advancement of technologies affect its level of progress.  


Source: Priser Tegltag og Ståltag