Start of the African Technological Dawn

Technology has long been seen as one of the possible saviours of the African economy. The problem has always been lack of infrastructure both networks and telecommunications however this is a problem that is being solved gradually. There are lots of centres of investment in Africa which are focussed on the upgrading of the digital infrastructure. IT makes sense, it’s the biggest untapped market on the planet and many large multinationals are active on the continent.

Today tech industry innovations are popping up not just in California but in emerging markets like Ethiopia. Well, Ethiopia has Sheba Valley as its emerging technology hub. There are a couple of examples of emerging technology companies changing lives in Ethiopia, from how communication is done to the way in which the banking sector operates.

One of the most important opportunities is that there are lower level possibilities in the digital economy for ordinary African entrepreneurs.  There may not lead to large national size corporations, but have the ability to make a real difference to real people as a source of income and revenue.  Africans still have some disadvantages to overcome, such as access to digital payment processors and some excessive filtering.  However there are real technical options to assist with these using remote mailing addresses and British proxy server technology in order to bypass these blocks by changing IP address.

Among the investment portfolios of American Billionaire Tim Drapper is Nigeria’s PAGA financial solutions. The platform was built, maintained and is now being supported by engineers from Apposit, a software technology firm based in Ethiopia.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) development including emotion detection & voice/facial recognition has been designed and created by AI specialists of Icog-Labs in Ethiopia. Co-created with American writer Ben Goertzel, Icog-labs is the first Ethiopian research and development lab specialising in AI.

Gebeya has its head quarters and training centre in Ethiopia and has graduated over 70 innovators from all around Africa.

A taxi hailing service that integrates text messaging & app/online booking and e-payment solutions has been developed by a Business dubbed YENEPAY, an internet payment solution that has been designed by young Builders in Ethiopia, is unlocking e-commerce chances in the nation.

Add to this the fact a new Deloitte report referred to Ethiopia as a ‘A developing Miracle’ . According to this report, the African country is among the best destinations for infrastructure investment. Infrastructure remains a significant challenge and whilst Ethiopia might have the talent pool there’s a gap in the shape of resources, direction, mentorship, and business skills.

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The Status of African Teachers

In a report made by UNESCO entitled Teachers and Teaching in a Changing World the following statement is made:

“The communication and information revolution currently underway reinforces this need. New technologies are bringing the different peoples of the world closer together, helping them to become more aware of their common humanity and shared concerns and hopes for the future. At the same time, these technologies accentuate divisions both within and between societies, between those who are able to utilize them for the enrichment of their cultural, social, economic and political lives and those who are unable to do so because of poverty or lack of the necessary knowledge and skills. Without a greater commitment to education on the part of governments and society at large, these divisions will widen further.”

This paragraph points out an important paradox in modern society. It is that the fast evolution of new technologies threatens to make the divisions within societies, and also within the world greater not less. Because of the high tech revolution young people are more vulnerable than ever before to being left behind.

There is more to teach now than there was 50 years ago. Such is the march of knowledge. We know more now; and we understand better the complexity of physics, biology, economics, psychology, medicine and so on. This means we need better teachers than ever before to impart this new information to the upcoming generations. The internet of course has an important part to play in education especially in areas of Africa where there are few specialized teachers, being able to access educational resources from sites like the BBC is invaluable –

We are not at the stage where teachers can be replaced by machines. It is interesting to note how YouTube has proliferated thanks in no small measure to its ‘how to’ videos. This is clear proof of the importance of the human touch when it comes to education.

Clearly the best way to get the best teachers is to afford teachers a high status in the community. This must be backed up with the best teaching resources and suitable remuneration. It is clear that the more a society values its teachers, the more the most talented people are going to aspire to being teachers. This is a dynamic that can be seen throughout history.

It is interesting to note that during the Cultural Revolution in China students were encouraged to hate their teachers and to distrust the intelligentsia. The result of this revolution was a dearth for many years of teachers, scientists and technicians. China depended on the Soviet Union for its technology until 1960 when the alliance between the 2 countries was dissolved. It was not until the 1990s that China became equal to the rest of the world in its ability to manufacture such things as TVs, fridges and farm machinery. Today, in China teachers are venerated as they have been traditionally. This will ensure China continues to grow as an economic powerhouse.

It is impossible to over-emphasize the importance of teachers and the status they should be accorded. They are the custodians of the future.

Do African Skies Hold the Answer?

Most of the developed countries in the world, grew their economies initially by exploiting their natural resources or those of their neighbors.  The industrial revolution across Europe saw countries desperate for raw materials and energy sources like coal.  Africa too has ample natural resources, however much of this is being exploited by foreign companies and investment.


Sure Africa has mineral and fuel resources although unfortunately this is not evenly distributed, the problem is that these resources are coveted across the world and often they are simply used to fuel other countries growth not African ones.  There is also of course, the perennial problem of corruption – Nigeria has huge energy resources but often the people of that country fail to see the benefits.  Oil has created great wealth for Nigeria but little filters down to ordinary citizens and smaller businesses.

The economic growth model based on mineral resources like coal and oil is however an outdated one and it may be better for Africa to look to the future using cleaner energy sources.  After all the continent has some huge advantages when it comes to creating energy using wind and the sun.

Just outside the Sahara Desert on the Moroccan border lie a huge installation of nearly half a million parabolic mirrors arranged in rows across the valley.   It is a $650 million investment in solar energy which opened this year, Morocco has committed to generating  over 40% of it’s electricity requirements from renewable sources by 2020.


Their is some strong logic here, Africa is ideally placed to utilize both solar and wind power and many nations are beginning to aggressively expand in these areas.   There is hope that if this continues, Africa can avoid some of the hugely destructive growth phrases which most countries have practiced, China being the latest example.   There is little logic in forcing Africa down the same path, it hasn’t worked up till now and for once the continent can learn from the mistakes of the more developed world and bypass carbon based fuel sources.

This is important, it is obviously unfair to deny Africa the same growth  options as the developed world, yet the consequences of global warming would be disastrous to the continent.  There are many reports and documentaries which list the potential problems that Africa could face if the world’s temperature keeps climbing – you can download them from peer to peer file sharing sites but use anonymous torrents to hide your location.

Africa needs more energy and it needs it fast, demand is exploding alongside the population.  Many of the 1,2 billion people there simply don’t have access to reliable power sources and to get that to them using traditional methods would increase global warming substantially.   The solutions are there for Africa in a variety of renewable sources, all they need is the skills and expertise to implement the solutions.  It is in every ones interest to help Africa meet it’s energy requirements using clean fuels rather than carbon based ones.

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African Development Bank Promote Tanzanian Railway

Later this month the African Development Bank will hold a presentation and roadshow designed to attract additional financing for a new railway linking the port in Dar es Salaam with surrounding landlocked countries.  It is expected that nearly $8 billion dollars will be required to complete the project.  The lender based on the Ivory Coast is linking up with the World Economic Forum in order to try and attract additional investment for the massive project.


The line will extend over 2200 kms and is widely hoped that it will transform many of the industries in the area,  It is though a huge project and much of the finance is still to be raised.  The planned standard gauge line has much of it’s funding in place and it is hoped will be operational soon.  Tanzania has hopes to become the logistical hub of Eastern Africa and become an important trade center for neighboring countries.

The line will end in the Capital of Rwanda – Kigali and two other lines will branch off to Lake Victoria and Burundi.  The Kigali line is expected to eventually connect to the Democratic Republic of Congo although this would require additional investments.  Much of the money is expected to come from Chinese banks and other Asian investors, there will certainly be a large contingent of Asian investors at the roadshow.   It is hoped that the investment will be spread so that there are no controlling investors although all understood this may not be possible,

Tanzania is the third largest economy in East Africa behind Kenya and Nigeria. It is also rich in mineral wealth for example the fifth largest gold producer and there are large reserves of natural gas which have not yet been exploited due to infrastructure issues.   Many people in these countries have to relay on much poorer communications for example simple things like residential VPN services like this can cost an awful lot of money even if they are available.

The first phase of the Kenyan link, measuring 609km and costing $3.2bn, is scheduled for completion by June 2017. Construction of a second 120-kilometer leg begins by the end of this year, according to the government.

Tanzania is also planning a liquefied natural gas plant that could cost as much as $30bn and a $10bn port at Bagamoyo. It has also agreed to host a $3.6bn pipeline to transport Ugandan crude to its Indian Ocean port at Tanga.

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African Business Leadership

The company owner, who’s well informed, is more likely to achieve success in the very long run. To have a very good place within the African small business market, it is crucial to get a suitable small business plan. There’s also an issue that numerous companies prefer to receive their people together from different workplaces either across the nation or from farther afield on a normal basis to talk about the business and where it might go. Actually, there isn’t a business within the country that isn’t affected. Actually, this one has already been done by several of the most prosperous businesses within the nation.

Most African small business venture are now in the complete process of small business transformation. It’s something which is required for every African small business aspirants. Practically speaking, African region has developed from a risky small business place to quite a profitable one. After the business is successful, this really isn’t a great deal of problem as the industry owner basks within the glory of their success.


It is now more significant than ever for senior small business executives in marketing or company strategy to genuinely understand the fundamental shifts happening within the digital landscape. So long As the fundamental requirements are satisfied, companies that list themselves in African small business directory companies have the capacity to open doors for further direct sales to other members. Much like other small business directory assistance, African small business directory providers provide rather detailed listings of member companies that fit into various different categories. After all, good leads can become new clients, who can become continuing clients and certainly will be the dollars which come in to maintain your business afloat.

Quick start businesses are designed to last. In business you got to maintain market share after you achieve it. These are advice on ways to get the most out from listing your company on directories. Enjoy yourself, your enterprise and also your everyday living.   What many African businesses fail to do is to look outside their local market, the internet enables them to reach out to customers all over the world yet often this opportunity is ignored.  There are still challenges and difficulties for operating a digital based business from Africa, problems include filtering, censorship and accessing payment processors many who don’t allow African customers.   Most of these can be solved though by hiding your location through a proxy or VPN – this post entitled the best VPN for Netflix explains how it’s done.

The life of any excellent business is based on its plan. In beginning any business, you ought to form a small business plan. A small business plan is likely to assist you to set goals. You might not know about how great your business can grow until you’ve tried this.

Note that this sort of business strategy is helpful not merely in marketing but in addition in making your company. But if you really will make use of the proper marketing ideas then you’ll surely expand your small business in almost no time in any respect. However, by consulting business experts, you’ll somehow produce a good game. And what’s more, they would like to work with people whom they like.

Should you be in any way unhappy or dissatisfied with your own life or your company, you have to re-ignite your initial vision or create a brand-new one. The difference is, in case your vision isn’t articulated, you cannot include it in your organization plan. The part of a leader is crucial, it can tell wherever your group or company is going. This positions the group within an advantaged place to grab many small business opportunities. Always retain your professional conduct, as you’ll be assessed regarding your suitability for a business partner, particularly during the very first meeting. It’s a rewarding career which won’t only enable you to succeed in your endeavors, but will likewise permit you to help countless individuals reach their goals too.

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The Development of Africa

Regardless of where Africans were in a world, their circumstances are basically precisely the same. Crime is a significant issue facing African Americans. Nothing may be achieved less the sacrifice of the folks, African folks. The truth is that African history is the heart of world history.
Education should really be a fundamental right for every single African child. Poverty can be associated with academic achievement in the USA. Most importantly, African unity has to be encouraged, it generally does not have to be said that it’s the African folks who are poor.”

Most African rulers are poor duplicates of Western imperialism regarding ideas about how to rule. But then, just as there are numerous ways to things Fage will not mention or doesn’t appear to know, in spite of how in some European liberal circles he’s taunted among the leading scholars of African history. Provided that our own history isn’t intimately and inextricably entwined with everything we do, with each study we undertake, isn’t represented within our Universe, within our buildings as well as our walls, within our houses and streets, then we must study history more consciously than do the Europeans. In reality, it’s difficult for Middle-class Africans to co-operate in virtually any area endeavor.


If there is freedom, the government is for the folks and by the folks, since the individuals govern themselves. If Africans want capitalism, they’ll to develop their very own concept and approach to it, and they’re going to need to do something similar in respect to communism and socialism. They dont understand that there may be a politics beyond party politics. This wasn’t taken well by the folks and also the collective sentiment resulted in a call for liberation.

Higher deficit in the present account is an alternative outcome of high unemployment within the economy. As a result of crisis several of the African countries didn’t get the targets within their production and export revenues. Mutasa said that COSATU has had lots of power previously concerning shaping South African policy. Because of this, New France never created as a colony for settlers.

The banking sector needs to have the ability to cope up with the present pace of the modern-day developments in the world financial system. African countries must keep up a strong economic and fiscal system with the capacity of coping together with the current global financial order. The implications project the lengthy term impacts of the crisis within the continent which might fuel the present food insecurity into the future too. These influence the food security and access to clean water in a lot of the African countries.

The entry of particular products to the African economy was restricted in a lot of the countries within the continent. This would seem to become an excellent boost to the African economy, however once again it’s the specific opposite. Oftentimes Africans aren’t even employed using their own particular skill sets. There are an increasing number of digital entrepreneurs however even then they are at a disadvantage needing tools to get things like an English IP address to hide their actual location. African countries should take urgent step to enhance the banking sector to be able to keep the economic stability by lessening the credit score risk.

A lot of the countries on the planet today fall within the category of creating countries. Therefore, the final outcome with respect to financial gain improves the GDP of the nation. Many countries have proposed significant escalation in public spending within their budget. To develop into developmental States, African countries need to revise their social policies.

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