Making A Difference

I have been an environmental campaigner for some time and have tried to get from A to B in the most environmentally sound way that I can, when I am out I try to promote peace and have been on several peace envoys around the world as well. I cycle around the city and try to get public transport when I can but if it is some where off the beaten track I use my motorcycle because I don’t see the point wasting fuel to carry me, a huge hunk of metal and loads of empty seats about.

I just got some new tcx boots the other day and have been out to a few rivers to take samples for a report I am putting together about the water quality and possible contamination in certain areas. Because these plaves are a bit out inthe middle of nowhere the best way for me to get somewhere is to jump on the bike and go for it. Being able to ride out to some of these amazing places is an absolute honour and a spectacular experience.

I am hoping some of my work will make a difference one day but if I can let just one person know that they can make a difference I will be happy.