Living In A World Of Democracy

Democracy is not simply a form of government but in addition a way of life for a large area of the world’s people. Democracy was developed as a kind of government in ancient Greece and was based on a set of principles, values and ideals. Democracy was supposed to be an institution for the people’s welfare and not for the welfare of the state or those that run the state. These values and ideas have changed over the centuries and what we have now is democracy in its multifaceted forms. Today we have Targit BI System, People’s Democracy, Basic Democracy, Guided Democracy and in addition Christian or Islamic Democracy. The term democracy has been altered and perverted beyond recognition. Democracy was designed to be an ideal form of government by which citizens were considered equivalent and opportunities for development were perhaps not restricted for only a chosen few. Democracy functions as a consequence of public opinion and it is democracy that truly liberal is made by this aspect of public opinion.

In a liberal democracy public opinion forms the centre piece for all functions of the federal and state government. Individuals in a liberal democracy would be the real sovereigns. It really is the people who determine who forms the government or who becomes the leader of a nation state. But in a large population all can not make decisions and form the executive and therefore this responsibility is delegated to elected representatives. In a liberal democracy these elected representatives are really answerable to the people. It is this sovereignty of the people who makes a liberal democracy unique. When elected representatives begin to misuse the sovereignty of the folks due to their private gain then that is not any longer a liberal democracy in bi and business intelligence software. In a liberal democracy it is the will of the people that determines policy and the legislature legislates according to this will of the populace. If this were not the case then even dictators could cry out loudly that their dictatorship is just a legitimate democracy.

In a liberal democracy like the US, the representatives are accountable for fulfilling the aspirations of the people. It really is through periodic elections which they can be held responsible to the electorate. There are checks and balances in a liberal democracy. Through regular elections, the right to recall a representative and tabling of a no confidence vote, an elected representative is held to account. Sadly, however these traits are now missing in the modern-day democracy. That is noticed even in the United States. This nation was founded on the principles of individual liberty and independence. The founding fathers of America such as Thomas Jefferson and George Washington desired that the federal government should play as little a part as possible and that individual independence was above and beyond government get a grip on. The government was said to be small while individual enterprise was permitted to grow and prosper. This was the message that the framers of the constitution gave to the individuals of America and all those who were to form the government in times to follow. That is liberal democracy because it was designed to be and desired by the founding fathers. The federal government had not been to intervene in every social and economic problems.