Khartoum’s New Gold Refinery

Sudan has certainly experienced some turmoil over the last few years but there are some few positive signs starting to appear.  This month the president Omar al-Bashir has just opened the country’s very first gold mine.  It’s actually one of the biggest in Africa and is expected to produce more than 320 tonnes of gold every year,

The finance ministry has already stated that the export of Gold ore will be banned now that the refinery is operational.  It is expected that the refinery will help double their gold revenue by refining the ore in the country. There is great potential in Sudan for mineral production – but there has always been a problem with smuggling due to the lack of refining facilities.  The site will also process silver that is extracted in the country.

It is hoped that it will also be able to process gold ore from other nearby African countries.  Sudan needs to replace some of the revenue lost because of the split from the south of the country which controlled the oil reserves.  

It is important that the African nations take the opportunity to develop their natural resources effectively.  Without these incomes developing the countries healthcare and education will become increasingly challenging.  Africa is already potentially one of the biggest markets to be accessed on the internet.  Some of the world biggest SEO companies are already targeting the country for their clients – you can read more about internet marketing and SEO on this site –

The main problem for Sudan as with many other African countries is the huge level of corruption.  This means much of the revenue disappears into the black market rather than the Governments coffers.