Improving Economies with Wine

Southern Africa has a lot of natural advantages when it comes to wine production.  To start, there is some serious winemaking and vineyard management talent at home in the country of South Africa-so workers would not be coming into the climate for the first time.  Secondly, you have a region with a ton of great land, much of it without current ownership agreements or large scale farms.  Lastly, you are of course very close to a  shipping lane to get wine directly to Europe or even America’s east coast.

I can see a smart wine club owner being able to create an entire campaign around supporting these new growers.  Looking at the success Gap has had with their RED campaign, people and consumers in the United States do want to be supportive of the incredibly poor.

Overall, we know wine can help the economics of an area.  From Napa Valley to South Africa itself, plenty of farming villages have grown and prospered selling wine grapes for over $6k US per acre rather than wheat which is less than 5% of that price!