How To Get Voluntary Work As A CNA In Africa

Prior to being added to the state’s registry as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), there is a two part exam that you must pass. This, together with the CNA certification, allows you to act as a nursing aid in a particular state. However, qualified CNA are not only limited to working within the U.S.; there are other opportunities available, throughout the world, and in Africa particularly.

There are hired CNA positions available in Africa as well as voluntary positions. Of course, paid positions are preferable, but voluntary work does have its advantages. For example, as a volunteer, you will be eligible for monetary advances, as part of your upkeep on the continent and on top of this it also offers an excellent opportunity to gain experience and give a little back to the world. With such experience, getting well-paying jobs in the United States or anywhere else is considerably easier. That is why some new CNAs opt to volunteer in Africa as they embark on their new career.

However, there are requirements to meet before you are eligible to work as a CNA on the continent. Of course, the first requirement is passing the CNA exams and be registered with your state’s registry of nursing aids. Note that after being added to the nursing registry, it is required by law that you renew your license after every two year. So even if you are working as a CNA outside the States, always make sure you apply for a license renewal before the period ends.

After this, a work permit must be acquired for your African state of choice as well as a passport from your own country. These two documents are essential to be successfully accepted as foreign CNA in Africa. Travel arrangements also need to be made in accordance with these two documents. It is necessary to get in touch with the necessary authorities in the preferred country, through their embassy and most charities that you can volunteer for will be able to put you in contact with the right people and help to ensure that you complete the right documents and visas.