Herbal Medicine is Part of African Culture


In the past, people used to rely on plants as their main source of medicine. Over the years, herbalists have managed to find better ways of using herbal medicine to cure diseases. Herbal medicine is still very much in use in Africa. In fact, many people consider this practice as part of African culture. However, with the current technological advancement, herbalists have devised more effective ways of extracting medicine from plants. This has in turn given rise to the use of modern western medication which has led to a decline in the use of herbal medicine. Among the most popular herbal medicines in Africa and other parts of the world is Cordyceps.

This is a special type of mushroom that contains various medicinal properties. Cordyceps Sinensis is very common in Asia especially in China. Although modern western drugs are very common in Africa today, still many people believe that herbal medicines are the most effective. In fact, research has shown that some of the western drugs contain chemicals that cause serious side effects. This has in turn made a lot of people, not only in Africa but around the world, to return to natural and customary methods of treatment.

People are now taking back the responsibility of enhancing their own health and well-being. Therefore they are actively seeking healthier and stress free lifestyles. The quest for better lifestyles has forced people to consider the curative powers of herbal medicine. This is evidenced by the increasing number of natural healing products in the west. Today, it is very common to find medicine stores in the West stocked with herbal medicine. This means that more people are regaining health and the environment is a bit safe. What is more, therapeutic effect of most herbal medicines has been scientifically authenticated. This implies that people can use these medicines without fear of developing serious side effects.

Actually, there shouldn’t be any competition between modern physicians and herbalists. Both of them have a lot to learn. The good thing is that Africa is still one of the few regions that are rich in herbal medicine. For instance in South Africa there are numerous species of plants considered to be highly effective in treating different ailments. It is also important to note that indigenous African herbal medicine is quite multi-faceted, frequently including the best mores in its data base. In fact, many western medicine companies rely on Africa for raw products.