Getting About

Africa is vast and getting about across the land can be extremely time consuing but using a motorcyle makes it a lot more manageable and to be honest, fun. It has been a wonderful way to get out and see the country and meet different people from many different cultures. It allows me to get to the heart of communities as well as enjoy getting from A to B.

it is not always so great though and the standard of some of the roads is not at its best so making sure I have all the top safety equipment and top of the range Tcx boots is very important for me. It makes me feel a lot more comfortable knowing that should the worst happen and I actually come of my bike that I have given myself the best chance of coming away unscathed. The way that some people drive over here too is another great reason to make sure I am as safe as possible.

I know a lot of people will be jealous that my job entails travelling across one of the most incredble continets on the planet on a motorcycle and I am extremely greatful for the opportunity and to know that my work is making a difference in spreading equality through certain developing nations is very important to me. 

Africa has so many great countries with incredible people and it is a blessing to be able to see them developing into strong countries with marvelous potential. After years of being taken advantage of and facing civil wars the people are finally being given the opportunity to experience the kind of life that they deserve.

Here is hoping that this trend continues and these nations can become as great as they could be.