Feeling Good In Africa

So, we’ve talked a lot about how it feels good to be African these days.  I mean, our economy is growing by leaps and bounds while the world is starting to treat us fairly for the first time in millenia.


In any case, I thought it might be interesting to talk about some of the hardest hit Africans and how they are doing now: The Lost Boys!  The Lost Boys were forced to flee through the desert after attacks in their villages, with many of them settling after some time in the United States.  Quite a few were hosted and then adopted by families in San Diego, California.

The boys are now older and doing quite well, a few have gone into health related fields with one of them even starting the San Diego Chiropractor Directory, which makes sense right because after going through what they did-wouldn’t you want a job and a profession which allowed you to help people?

Personally, I think that’s pretty empowering!