Development with Shared Gift Baskets and Other Products

Look, we’ve all seen the markings lately: Fair Trade.  Made by Women for Women.  Etc Etc.

Personally, I think it is a great idea that local companies here in America are trying to create products which empower communities in Africa and make it easier for them to earn a real living.  No, I don’t think $1 a day is a good living even if that is the national average.  Do you expect these people to live in mud huts forever?  I can’t imagine asking that of half the people on the continent of Africa as we do currently.

Ok, so what’s the answer?  More local ownership of course.  Even setting up a series of wine gift baskets combining the famous wines of South Africa (think of Pinotage here as a real treat and unexpected varietal) with other local products would make, not only for a great marketing message, but for a way to allow the famous wine industry in South Africa to help lift up the rest of the continent, one village at a time!