Democracy – An Ideal Form of Government

Who wants to have a form of democratic government? Of course, there are people who would agree that this form of government is an ideal one. Dame ure declared that democracy is the most ideal form of government which all the eligible citizens would equally participate. Do you find it interesting? People would admire if a particular state would develop because of good leadership. But you cannot experience it if you don’t have good and responsible leaders. No people would want to have a government that would rule the state without doing something. The leaders are the people who are in the position to do such responsibilities that are given to them for the improvement of the nation. But it is sad to hear that we heard lots of democratic nations today are led by wrong people who are in the position or as the representatives from Dame Ure or Herre ure. They are not working properly and they don’t seriously take their jobs. However, even we hear this bad news, there are still nation that is in democracy government and led by responsible people. It is so much impressing that they are doing their job well and you can prove that they are doing the right thing because you can see some improvements into the region where they are assigned.

Dame ure would explain that democracy is a kind of government in which people are treated equal and they can freely participate and contribute to the people. It is nice that people can freely engage any activity that is for the nation’s welfare. This form of government will directly led by elected representatives from Dame ure or Herre ure. These elected representatives will do the plans for the better of the government and for the common good of the people. The elected representatives will do some development, proposals and creation of laws. It encompasses economic, social and cultural conditions that enable the equal and free practice of political self-determination. The improvement of the state is truly impressing. No people would not want to hear their voices in the nations and permitted to perform their plans. The citizens have their own thinking, ideas, plans and objectives to have a well-governed state. So, it is good that democracy is active form of government. Democracy is actually the rule of the majority. The supreme power of the people is vested. It is indirectly or directly exercised through a system of representation. Elections usually help so that the people can choose their leaders wherein they put their trust onto them.

Having responsible leaders is a very important thing even in our modern time. In time you choose the right and responsible leaders, you would not neglect on choosing them. You would taste and feel the right leadership. You will feel that you made the right choice. The right to vote is actually one of the most interesting events in a democratic nation. Political authority is practiced in a democratic country. Democratic government is a political unit in which they perform they jobs for the people and for the nation’s development. Dame ure can contribute good and responsible leadership.

Source: Dame Ure