Dealing With The African Issues

Africa is the second populous continent after Asia. Africa is also rich in natural resources especially in diamonds, chromium, cobalt, manganese and many others. It is considered as the oldest inhabited territory on Earth its because of the human species originating from the area. This continent is a home to many ethnic and racial groups together with wide-ranging traits, both indigenous and foreign to the continent. Through this, their were  African Issues arise during those years. One of the new industries in Africa are solceller or solar energy as it’s also called. The sun is one of the largest resources in africa and so far they have barely started taking advantage of that resource which is why we can expect to see a lot more to solceller in africa over the next few years. Se an example of a working Solceller facility here at info about Solceller.

Many of these populations have different origins, with equal cultural, linguistic and social traits and mores. Distinctions within Africa’s geography, such as the varying climates across the continent, have also served to nurture diverse lifestyles among its various populations. The continent’s inhabitants live amid deserts and jungles, as well as in modern cities across the continent.

Before, many of the regions in Africa have been involved in different wars and in some conflicts. Many infrastructures and life has been damage during wars which is why projects such as solceller are most welcome. Their were problems about media outlets. Some of the natural resources has also been damaged. Their were about 9 million refugees due to this conflict in Africa. Political corruption, lack of respect for rule of law, human rights violations are all common reasons heard for some of the causes of Africa’s problems. There have more numerous factors contributing to problems such as the the diamond connection, the gross abuses committed by both rebel and government forces, and the problems of the current peace treaty The conflicts covered almost 7 nation in Africa such as the ones here at Nations.

For most Africans particularly in the part of womens the colonial period was deeply frustrating, because they had little opportunity to obtain the new forms of knowledge and economic opportunity which were being introduced by colonialism, and instead were confined to menial, poorly-paid occupations. Women in the place of Africa is in trouble. Despite of having rich in natural resources  women has less access on it. That’s why their children even still at younger age is force to work in order to help. Poor women are worried to the future of their children. This country is suffering from gender issue.

It is also predicted that due to climate change, African countries will be overwhelmed by the impacts of natural disasters such as cyclones, floods, droughts and disease. Climate change is already causing water scarcity depletion of natural resources and will soon lead to further environmental calamity. People in this African countries suffers a lot of problems. Despite decades of conflict, death and tragedy, coverage of issues in Africa has often been ignored, oversimplified, or excessively focused on limited aspects.

African leaders are now gathered to plan for the recovery of their beloved nation and are starting to see the advantages of solar energi and solceller. They think of such tactics, techniques, and solutions for the problem to solve. Education always pays off. What is especially attractive about educating girls is the additional benefit that increase to empowering the member of the household with the greatest capacity to alter the life prospects of the generations to come. Education is a starting point of solving this issue.