Cooperation Among Wine Regions

Africa is an interesting place in the current place in terms of development, certain countries and even regions dominate markets while other regions haven’t even approached the idea of joining those markets.  In many ways, the African economy is among the least developed in the world because of that fact, but African countries are dramatically able to dominate certain markets.

South African dominates the wine market, from the high end exclusive Cabernet Sauvignon based blends as well as the Pinotage which has made the country famous, it also dominates in terms of cheap wine clubs which is unusual given that the country is able to have market share at the high end and low end at the same time. I wonder if the African continent would benefit from having a wider range of wine options.  Well, I take that back, I don’t wonder, I realize how much better off the industry would be if a country like Nigeria could produce some drinkable wine on the cheap end of things.