Getting About

Africa is vast and getting about across the land can be extremely time consuing but using a motorcyle makes it a lot more manageable and to be honest, fun. It has been a wonderful way to get out and see the country and meet different people from many different cultures. It allows me to get […]

Gender Issues in Africa

There is a big movement in African countries for greater gender quality.  That makes sense on a number of levels of course, every industralized country in the world offers some sort of significant gender protection for women in the work force.  After talking to the owners of the best wine club in South Africa, it […]

Joyce Banda

Joyce Banda recently became the first female Prime Minister of a Southern African country. All eyes in the region are on Malawi to see what Joyce Banda will be able to achieve as the first woman to assume the top job in the country. Joyce Banda is a confirmed female activist. She is also committed […]