Dealing With The African Issues

Africa is the second populous continent after Asia. Africa is also rich in natural resources especially in diamonds, chromium, cobalt, manganese and many others. It is considered as the oldest inhabited territory on Earth its because of the human species originating from the area. This continent is a home to many ethnic and racial groups […]

Art, Politics and South Africa

One of the most striking things about art in the Twentieth and Twenty-first Century has been its political voice. Dictators have been frightened of criticism through art. The Soviets imprisoned or exiled many writers. The Chinese communist party censors all forms of art. Hitler burnt many books. Movies like Cry Freedom did a lot to […]

Human Rights

Many African countries have become notorious over the past few decades for their alleged violations of human rights. Among the best known recent instances are the genocide of Tutsis in Rwanda, the suppression of political opposition in Nigeria, and the practices of the Zairean government of President Mobutu. Not too long ago, South Africa’s apartheid […]