Renewable May Solve the African Energy Problem

When people discuss how to develop and improve the various economies in Africa, much is made of the natural resources available. There is no doubt that the continent is rich in all sorts of resources ranging from diamonds to uranium. The problem is that all these rich resources have so far largely failed to drastically […]

African Firms Need Incident Management Skills

With the development and increase in Africa’s internet and telecom infrastructure, many large multinationals and smaller firms are locating to the continent.   This is of course great for the economies of many African nations but is leading to an associated problem – a skills gap.  Setting up company headquarters particularly where there’s a large […]

World Cup Stops in Sudan

It seems a long time ago now since the World Cup finals were held in South Africa yet of course it wasn’t that long ago. Since then some of the football mad nations of Africa have looked on with envy at some of the success enjoyed by nations who don’t even like football that much. […]

The South African Heritage

A coat of arms is the State’s highest symbol. The coat of arms is a portion of the Great Seal thought of as the State’s emblem. One that has served South Africa since 17 Sept 1910 is now replaced by A brand-new coat of arms. The shift reflects Government’s goal to underline the change. The […]

Controversy over Beer for Africa Campaign

The brewing giant South African Breweries (SAB) has launched a controversial campaign in  tandem with the Stop Hunger Now organisation.  The idea is to provide funds to help feed students across Africa who are going hungry.  The campaign is non-profit making and all proceeds are being donated to the charities involved. However organisations are lining […]

Timetable Switch for the African Cup of Nations

The growth of International football has a surprising boost this month, especially in the African continent. The Confederation of African Football have verified the executive committee has passed a resolution to enlarge the Africa Cup of Nations from 16 teams to 24 and change the biennial championship . CAF chosen to change the continental showpiece […]