Africa’s tourism set to boost economy

Heading in to 2013 it looks as though it will be a good year for Africa’s tourism industry. In a recent poll conducted in the UK, a large proportion of people were considering trying something different for their holidays this year and with flights to the continent their cheapest in a long while, it would seem as though many will consider Africa a potential destination. Recently the question was posed where the best place to discover new adventures would be in the year ahead and Africa was the winner.

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With the wonderful chance to go on safari, discover the surprise of African surfing or just enjoy the delights of the wonderful South African cities, there really is so much that Africa has to offer as a tourist destination.

With this surge of tourists it seems likely that the economy across the continent could be boosted. However, the amount that this will help the average African remains to be seen. While the richer parts of the region are bound to get richer, does this increase the gap between the highest and the lowest ends of the economic scale in the region? There still needs to be drastic action in order to change the fortunes of many Africans.

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