Add More African Dolls to Spread Awareness


There is a line of really popular dolls called Lalaloopsy Dolls. The premise behind them is that they were sewn from an article of clothing that is unique to them and when the last stitch of the doll is sewn, she or he magically comes to life. I really like the message behind these dolls. They are about celebrating diversity and not being afraid to be exactly who you are. My one gripe, however, is that there are currently only two black dolls: Swirly Figure Eight and Blossom Flowerpot. I think the company who makes the dolls should use their popularity as a way to spread more African awareness around the globe.

Since one of the misconceptions of Africa is that it’s the poorest continent on earth, why not have a doll that has holds a job in one of the prosperous occupations? Many African countries are actually growing and thriving during these tough global economic times and they could definitely use the benefit of other countries’ support. A doll like this could really make people in first world countries start to see Africa in a completely different light and want to help out and join organizations like SEAPREN.