Achieve Peace To Live A Peaceful Life

There might be no true Nupo Kur for all of us without once you know true Peace, despite the fact that these sublime states are essentially two wings on a single dove. None the less, as we shall see, before we can appreciate the religious independence that we are intended, and whose heart already beats within us, this Peace we talk about should be recognized. A moment’s reflection shows us the reality of the eternal order. Peace may be the foundation; liberty as form built upon it. This relationship must never be forgotten by us. So would be to spend our lives seeking for independence through our relationship with forms to do – an action that effectively builds prisons of our very own making we then fight to flee! Who could be free, at any level, who have not Peace? This Peace, its Truth, will not fit in with any culture, custom, race, creed, or faith. Its nature transcends all temporary fashions and forms of time.

You ought to be highly wary of individuals that are competitive in the name of Peace! Here are some reasons why: True Peace is maybe not the result of a pact; neither could it be created by any plan of ours. Where then is this Peace can be found? This Peace may be the natural radiation of a Full Time Outgo Now; it really is one with that Light whose Life may be the Eternal Present It self, even while the emanations of heat and light are one with the sun from which they radiate. If we perceive that these thoughts are at all based in Reality, then we ought to be naturally moved to ask the next question: If this Peace is inherent in the Present, and is so perfectly future, what exactly is it that forbids us from coming to understand, directly, the fulfillment of its promise within us? 

One whose Life, but we have yet another Nature and whose Peace are the same Character because this arrangement of Individual, and the Given that is the backdrop of its Being, are as the division would be to the life – giving vine. No True Peace can live apart from this relationship, and every other type of peace is its manifestation. This Peace confounds the low degree of thoughts that only knows clarity and gentleness by what it imagines these qualities to be. We ought to release ourselves from the false self that strives to place bits of peace together in the vain hope they remain united, to understand its Guarantee and Peace! Then what we want is really a higher and new knowledge of ourselves, of our very own being – with this Peace that we seek lives within us and nowhere else, if we are to achieve success in our pursuit. What this means is that our search for Peace requires that we become aware of the myriad invisible worlds within us. But we’re perhaps not asked to get this to journey with no Guide. Before us goes the Light of Truth. The Way is revealed by it by opening our eyes to see, amongst other truths, that this Peace we seek is something created by us.