Africa’s tourism set to boost economy

Heading in to 2013 it looks as though it will be a good year for Africa‚Äôs tourism industry. In a recent poll conducted in the UK, a large proportion of people were considering trying something different for their holidays this year and with flights to the continent their cheapest in a long while, it would […]

The Benefits of Microinsurance for Africans

It is ironic that insurance is usually completely inaccessible to those who need it most.  For many Africans, the idea of being able to take out insurance is simply something they could only dreamt about – but slowly it’s becoming a reality.  It’s a simple fact that poorer people need insurance much more than the […]

Making A Difference

I have been an environmental campaigner for some time and have tried to get from A to B in the most environmentally sound way that I can, when I am out I try to promote peace and have been on several peace envoys around the world as well. I cycle around the city and try […]

Herbal Medicine is Part of African Culture

  In the past, people used to rely on plants as their main source of medicine. Over the years, herbalists have managed to find better ways of using herbal medicine to cure diseases. Herbal medicine is still very much in use in Africa. In fact, many people consider this practice as part of African culture. […]