Getting About

Africa is vast and getting about across the land can be extremely time consuing but using a motorcyle makes it a lot more manageable and to be honest, fun. It has been a wonderful way to get out and see the country and meet different people from many different cultures. It allows me to get […]

Gender Issues in Africa

There is a big movement in African countries for greater gender quality.  That makes sense on a number of levels of course, every industralized country in the world offers some sort of significant gender protection for women in the work force.  After talking to the owners of the best wine club in South Africa, it […]

Africa’s Economy Set to Grow

While much of the world’s economy is shrinking and we see states across Europe and the Americas struggle to control their rising debt, the growth of developing nations such as China, India and other parts of the world heralds a sign of positive news for people across Africa. While people in markets around the world […]

Easing African Debt

The debt held by African goverments is staggering and a real drag on development.  Debt can get away from a government struggling for revenue streams in a hurry.  Use an interest calculator to get an idea of how debt can exponentially compound and grow out of control. Knowing the compound interest on your loans and […]

Somali Community Want Khat Banned

If you are from Somali then you’ll be well aware of the existence of Khat.  It refers to the leaves and shoots of a small shrub called the Catha Edulis which grows mainly in Africa and Arabia.  The leaves contain various stimulant properties like cathine and cathinone, both of these are banned substances in the […]