How To Get Voluntary Work As A CNA In Africa

Prior to being added to the state‚Äôs registry as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), there is a two part exam that you must pass. This, together with the CNA certification, allows you to act as a nursing aid in a particular state. However, qualified CNA are not only limited to working within the U.S.; there […]

Cooperation Among Wine Regions

Africa is an interesting place in the current place in terms of development, certain countries and even regions dominate markets while other regions haven’t even approached the idea of joining those markets.  In many ways, the African economy is among the least developed in the world because of that fact, but African countries are dramatically […]

Dealing With The African Issues

Africa is the second populous continent after Asia. Africa is also rich in natural resources especially in diamonds, chromium, cobalt, manganese and many others. It is considered as the oldest inhabited territory on Earth its because of the human species originating from the area. This continent is a home to many ethnic and racial groups […]