2012 Report Released On Tobacco Related Deaths in Kenya

A report recently released in the 2012 Tobacco Atlas holds tobacco accountable for 3% of men’s deaths in Kenya. The comprehensive report also found that around 15 billion cigarettes are smoked each and every year by Kenyans alone. These numbers are staggering both in terms of deaths caused and cigarettes smoked, there is even talk by the health authorities that if these numbers continue to increase they will have a tobacco epidemic on their hands.

Compiling the reports is one thing, acting on the results to try and make a positive change is another. Quite rightly so, the Kenyan health authorities are calling for changes to be made to reduce these deaths. Some of the ideas that have been discussed include increasing taxes and the price of cigarettes to make them unaffordable to children and expensive for regular smokers.

There are a number of other methods including the introduction of electronic cigarettes to current smokers, these can be a cost effective way to not only offer a substitute but also help reduce smokers dependancey on nicotine. More info on e cigs can be found here.

The most important thing they can do however is to increase awareness and education to children, non-smokers and smokers alike. The main thing is to reduce the number of people trying cigarettes in the first place.